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Highborne Flight Systems, Inc. (HFSI) is a Company providing Aerospace / FAA Professional: Management, Engineering, and Certification services in support of: Hardware, Software, and Certification of Avionics, Aerospace Electronics, and Aircraft Systems through Flight Test.

HFSI has extensive experience in Ground / Flight Test, Systems Engineering, RF Communications, Avionics development and Integration, Research and Development Programs, Environmental Qualification, and Hardware / Software / and Aircraft Testing. HFSI provides a wide variety of professional services that include: Program Direction, Project Management, Proposal Writing, Certification / Airworthiness Training, Aircraft Operations, and General Aerospace Planning, Development, Safety, Integration, Test and Verification.

Aircraft Systems Engineering encompasses: 1) Avionics; COMM / NAV / Displays / Controls / Radar / FMS / Autopilot, 2) Electrical Power; Wiring, distribution, Circuit Protection, Power generation, power supplies, and bus integration, 3) Electromagnetic Effects (EME); Bonding, Grounds, Shielding, EMI, RFI, Static, HIRF, Lightning, and EMP, 4) aircraft systems; Antennas, Flight Controls, Human Factors, Safety Analyses - PSSA / SSA / FTA / CCA / ZA / FMEA, and Aircraft Alterations.

Certification Ground and Flight Test whether Upgrades, Alterations, and New Type Certification or Supplemental Type Certification requires test instrumentation in most cases. HFSI has a history of providing instrumentation to acquire test data during development and certification activities. In addition, depending on the system certification activities, may also require Telemetry, Controls, and Displays for flight test safety.

Highborne's CEO is a Designated Engineering Representative (DER) for the FAA and recognizes the integrity and personal commitment required from professional individuals essential to complete a project safely and in accordance with aerospace standards. With over 23 Years of Electrical / Avionics / Systems FAA Designated Engineering Representation, and 30 years of combined military avionics systems engineering, Highborne Flight Systems' CEO (Michael H Brooks) has achieved an excellent reputation in the aerospace industry. Mr Brooks, a multiengine rated pilot of 35 years, has been the Certification / Systems / Airworthiness Manager of several major aerospace companies as well as the director and chief engineer of HFSI for over 10 years.

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