Highborne Flight Systems provides the following services:

Type certificates (TC)

During aircraft development and certification, aircraft systems must be designed, manufactured, tested and evaluated as to their design specifications to meet aircraft certification requirements. Highborne DERs are experienced in directing projects and providing engineering talent for system research/development, qualification testing, installation and integration design, systems evaluations and analyses, and test support for the purpose of establishing an Aircraft TC. Highborne can support full documentation development for system specifications, ground/flight test plans and procedures (e.g. EMI/EMC, Qualification/Environmental, Functional, and System Performance), aerospace standard drawing packages, analyses, and associated certification reports.

Supplemental Type Certificates (STC)

Like "TC's", the requirements for certification are the same (reference above). The only difference is that an STC alters the original aircraft certified system design which ultimately amends the TC data. Our personnel and DERs have decades of STC experience including the development and direction of complete STC Certification Programs.

Technical Standard Order (TSO)

TSO's are standards by which equipment can be certified so that they can be installed in most aircraft. There are TSOs for most types of avionics which gives any manufacturer a technical specification that the developed equipment must adhere to. Highborne is experienced to support a manufacturer to comply with the TSO certification process. As with any certification program, phases of process include research/development, design, integration and test.

Field Approvals (FA)

FA's are mechanisms that give FAA repair stations an avenue to perform "One Time" aircraft alterations or repairs. If an FA is to be utilized, "Approved Data" must be used for the repair or alteration. Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) for the FAA can perform these data approvals. Highborne staffs and employs DERs to support the FAA.