Systems Engineering


Highborne Flight Systems provides the following engineering services:

Systems engineering is a process that must be incorporated into all aircraft integration's to ensure opertational functionality, airworthiness and safety of flight. A thorough systems engineering process is essential for documentation traceability to provide a trail of design evolution for trouble shooting, future growth, problem solving, and saftey.

Highborne has the experience and background to support systems certification for both Commercial and Military programs from the beginning to end. With our company's baseline of experience, we can assess the feasibility of concepts and walk a program through all phases of systems engineering. This includes systems conceptual design, vendor interfaces, analysis and development of specifications and requirements, electrical and mechanical design, drafting, liaison support, structural loads and stress analysis, electrical loads analysis, plans and procedures for: EMI/EMC, Certification, SIL, qualification, simulations, demonstrations, ground/flight test, and demodification.

Highborne's CEO has over 30 years of experience on over 75 types of military and commercial aircraft from the F-4 Phantom to the Boeing 747. Systems engineering (research, design, integration, test) includes Flight Directors, Autopilots, GPS, INS, Loran, FMS, ILS, VOR, Omega/VLF, ADF, DME, HF, VHF, UHF, Radar, Radio Altimeters, Head-Up displays, RF Technology, and Flight Deck control and displays.

Data processing systems integrations include all aerospace standards of Analog and Digital (ARINC and 1553) Bus structures.